Positive Employee Recognition

When companies communicate there is an investment of time and money being spent on updating handbooks and policies, they may also receive some positive employee recognition: Through greater employee satisfaction and work quality improvements because employees feel as though they are valued by their employer. Companies can take the opportunity to communicate the changes and/or […]

Beyond the Typical Company Handbook

Beyond the Typical Company Handbook – Companies are getting more out their employees with effective company policies. What is typical? A typical handbook gives employees a laundry list of do’s and don’ts, a description of benefits and how they get paid, and an idea of who to speak with if they ever have an issue.  […]

Paid Holidays Policy Sample

Company Policy Series – Paid Holidays Policy Sample The purpose of the Paid Holidays Policy is to inform employees of the Company’s observed paid holidays and eligibility for receiving holiday pay. The following is what a Paid Holidays Policy could look like: “Full-time employees working 40 hours per week are eligible for eight hours of […]

Way Behind on Employee Performance Reviews?

Whether you are a manager or small business owner, chances are you have found yourself, at one time or another, behind on your employee performance reviews.  It sounds great to have performance reviews included in your employee handbook, and everyone has the best intentions on getting them done and delivered, but then months go by […]

Inclement Weather Policy Sample

Company Policy Series – Inclement Weather Policy Sample The purpose of the Inclement Weather Policy is to inform employees of the proper procedure to follow for severe and/or inclement weather, related to possible office closure and/or delayed opening schedules. The following is what an Inclement Weather Policy could look like: “It is the policy of […]

Progressive Discipline Policy Sample

Company Policy Series – Progressive Discipline Policy Sample The purpose of the Progressive Discipline Policy is to establish consistent guidelines to follow for addressing behavior that requires disciplinary action, and to provide a structured corrective action process to improve and prevent a recurrence of undesirable behavior, violations of company policies and procedures, and performance issues. […]

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