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Inclement Weather Policy Sample

Company Policy Series – Inclement Weather Policy Sample

The purpose of the Inclement Weather Policy is to inform employees of the proper procedure to follow for severe and/or inclement weather, related to possible office closure and/or delayed opening schedules.

The following is what an Inclement Weather Policy could look like:

“It is the policy of the Company to remain open during most periods of inclement weather; however, where extraordinary circumstances warrant, the Company reserves the right to close the facility. Thus, employees are encouraged to listen to radio broadcasts during periods of adverse weather to find out if the facility is open or closed on a given day.”

In addition, some other guidelines in the Policy should include:

  • Procedures for employees to follow during periods of inclement weather
  • Wages/Payment during inclement weather

Not all companies require the same polices and it is recommended that polices be tailored to a company’s specific needs.  If you would like a complete version of this policy, please contact us.

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