Is your Employee Handbook up to date?

Putting an Employee Handbook at the top of the list of HR priorities may be due to several factors, such as: It helps to formalize a company’s procedures and policies, It helps with decreasing inconsistency in employment practices, and assists with uniformity in decision making, It can boost morale by highlighting overlooked benefits and reinforcing […]

First Friday Focus

First Fridays Focus will give you the most focused business advice through a live educational experience. In a little over an hour you’ll hear from experts in a range of industries and walk away with actionable advice support you in your business. First Fridays Focus was founded to create community and build strategic partnership relationships for […]

Internal Sales Cycle and the Base vs. Commission Dilemma

Will a hunter or farmer be better suited for your business? Are you looking for someone who will close the deal quickly and move on?  If so, chances are you are looking for a hunter. On the other hand, if are you looking for someone who will cultivate existing relationships and spend a lot of […]

Replace the Annual Review with Regular Feedback?

In fact, we regularly advise clients to make notes on an on-going basis related to employee performance versus trying to recall specific events, positive or negative, from the review period.  However, what if regular feedback will allow employees to improve their performance, or challenge them to take on new tasks throughout the year?  Regular feedback […]

Employee Motivation

Work-life balance continues to be a common theme in recruiting circles, and a recent article made us look more closely at this lasting trend.  Maybe there’s something inherent in the terminology that we’ve been missing.  William Schiemann, author of The ACE Advantage: How Smart Companies Unleash Talent for Optimal Performance, has found a correlation between […]

7 Questions to Avoid Asking at Any Interview

By: Wyetta Ford Has anyone on your management team ever asked one of the questions above? Do the managers in your office understand the questions and line of questions to avoid during the interview process? If you are unsure of the answer, take time to review the information below to help guide and coach managers […]

FLSA Changes on Hold

Although this is a preliminary injunction, it does allow employers to keep their compensation practices ‘status quo’ until a final resolution is reached.  However, we do know that many organizations have already made adjustments to employee status and/or increased annual compensation to meet the 12/1 deadline – which would be difficult to reverse.  For those […]

The Job Market is Changing…And We’re Feeling It

The evidence speaks for itself: qualified candidates are beginning to receive multiple offers of employment, and don’t feel compelled to wait for business owners to make hiring decisions.  An August article printed in the Denver Post outlined what we’re noticing by adding that, “One in every four employees loses interest in an opening of they […]

Investment HR Helps out at the Local Ronald McDonald House

The Ronald McDonald House main focus is providing comfortable, low-cost housing to out-of-town mothers and fathers needing to be near their hospitalized children.  Helping a sick child fight their illness takes a big enough emotional toll on a family. Adding a financial strain can make it all almost too much to bear. The House can […]

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