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Way Behind on Employee Performance Reviews?

Whether you are a manager or small business owner, chances are you have found yourself, at one time or another, behind on your employee performance reviews.  It sounds great to have performance reviews included in your employee handbook, and everyone has the best intentions on getting them done and delivered, but then months go by and they are either forgotten or put off until next week.

Next thing you know, you are making a call to your HR Consultant or HR Manager to try and figure out why your employees are unhappy or asking how to properly address performance issues.

My first question: have you completed your initial or annual performance reviews?  Performance Reviews give managers and business owners a great opportunity to discuss their employee’s performance positives and negatives and possibly get even better performance out of an employee following the review.  Most employees want feedback, they want goals to attain or strive for, and they might even want to give you some feedback as well.  A regular performance review may allow you to learn a little bit more about your work environment, your employee’s strengths and weaknesses, and create an ongoing dialogue with your employees that will likely prove beneficial for you both.  So, take the time to get those reviews done.  You’ll thank yourself in the long run – especially when you have an employee whose performance is less than desirable – it’s time to address it and see whether or not it can be corrected.  You might have a star employee underneath that underperforming exterior who just wants some feedback every year!

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