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Positive Employee Recognition

When companies communicate there is an investment of time and money being spent on updating handbooks and policies, they may also receive some positive employee recognition:

  • Through greater employee satisfaction and work quality improvements because employees feel as though they are valued by their employer.
  • Companies can take the opportunity to communicate the changes and/or updates in a positive way – ‘giving you what you need to do your jobs each day’.
  • Employees and/or Managers are being heard by their employer (employee feedback, employee suggestions, company responses to questions or suggestions for change).
  • Updating handbooks and communicating this to employees gives employers additional opportunities for dialogue with employees related to expectations and performance. (Business Ethics and Conduct Policy)
  • Employees will be expected to know and understand what their employer’s expectations are. (Safety Policy)
  • This will also encourage employers to stay on top of performance evaluations and address performance issues – everyone is expected to carry their own weight.  The burden is also on the employer, not just the employee, to stay current and meet employees expectations as well. (Performance Review Policy)

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