IHR in the Denver Business Journal

Investment HR was recently quoted in the Denver Business Journal article “Not Everything is by the Book” By Weston Gentry. Here is an excerpt from the article: “Process mapping” is another way for companies to adapt to post-recession employee relations, said Patrick Johnson, human resources consultant and co-owner of Investment HR of Denver. Process mapping […]

Dress Code Policy Sample

Company Policy Series – Dress Code Policy Sample The purpose of the Dress Code Policy is to provide a guideline for employees in terms of what is and what is not acceptable manner of dress in a business casual workplace. The following is what a Dress Code Policy could look like: “The Company’s official standard […]

How to Maintain a Responsible Workplace

Hostile Workplace Environment Harassment.  People who learn about this type of harassment are often surprised about what can constitute it. This type of harassment may be direct or indirect, intentional or not.  It exists whenever the perpetrator’s words, actions or body language contribute to creating an uncomfortable working environment for its victim.  Again, it is […]

Parental Involvement in K-12 Education Act – A Summary

Colorado Employers – Parental Involvement in K-12 Education Act – Summary Beginning in August 2009, both public and private employers in the State of Colorado who, similar to FMLA regulations, have 50 or more employees, are now required to provide unpaid leave time to non-supervisory and non-executive level employees for attending parent teacher conferences and/or […]

FMLA Considerations for Business Owners

More FMLA caveats to consider for businesses required to comply with FMLA: The Department of Labor may issue a new regulation requiring businesses with employees eligible for FMLA protection to extend those benefits to gay employees.  A decision is pending as of late June 2010.  More to come…. Businesses can determine whether or not Workers Compensation […]

FMLA and Employer versus Employee Notification

If an employer is aware that one of their employees has a serious medical condition, and that employee is FMLA eligible, should the employer provide that employee with FMLA certification paperwork or let the employee request it?  The answer: the employer should provide the employee with the required certification paperwork. If the employee in question […]


In the past 10 years of talking with business owners about their Human Resources, I have found that most of them practice some form of Do It Yourself HR.  When a problem comes up with an employee, they go online and search for a solution.  They waste hours and sometimes days of prime business production […]

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