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Custom HR Training

Our human resources training solutions are customized to your needs and organizational structure. We offer training programs that provide actionable knowledge and expertise for HR professionals or anyone responsible for managing people.

IHR_SquareServices_TrainingIs your interview process by the seat of your pants? Do you really know acceptable language to use discussing employee health concerns? Are you exposing your business to unnecessary risk with regard to Employment Law?

We customize our training programs to meet the unique needs of your business and we structure the training to a variety of learning preferences. Regardless of whether you require a one hour class or a half-day workshop, training is interactive and provides key take-aways that can be used immediately.

Human Resources Compliance

The HR generalist wears many hats and staying on top of everything is challenging. Customized training can get you current, quickly in any area of Human Resources.

Employment Law

Learn acceptable language to use when discussing topics. Learn what to listen for from employees and the proper response.

Interviewing Skills

The right training will enable you to make better hiring decisions. Learn to ask questions that give you the information you need to hire the right person.

Onboarding Process and Design

The onboarding process greatly impacts the success of your new hire. Increase employee retention with a well designed employee orientation program.

Continuing Training

Retention is increased with repetition and consistency. With ongoing training, there is the opportunity to make good habits stick and increase knowledge in other areas.

All training programs are provided follow-up options in a way that suits you best– email, webcast, phone call, etc.

No topic is beyond our scope to provide expert training solutions. Contact us to learn more about how Investment HR Training Solutions work to empower the people that support your business.

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