PEO Selection Service

Investment HR is not a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), we are a PEO Selection Service. Joining a PEO is a difficult decision for many small to midsize companies.  According to the National Association of PEO’s (NAPEO), there are over 700 registered PEO’s in the United States.  Deciding if a PEO is right for you company […]

Top 5 challenges of finding a PEO

Here are what our clients say are the Top 5 challenges of finding a PEO: Each PEO needs so much information just to give a quote that it becomes a massive time drain, when ironically the purpose of outsourcing to a PEO is to save time. Every PEO seems to have a unique way of […]

Insurance Agents: Are PEO’s Friend or Foe?

Sometimes?  Always?  Never?  It depends? This is a difficult question and not that simple to answer.  It starts with understanding exactly what a PEO is and what type of PEO you are dealing with.   Most agents I talk to start off with a resounding FOE when I ask this question and it is followed by […]

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