Why Us

Proven Experience

Current research shows that almost 75% of Human Resources professionals feel they are lacking many necessary skills or bandwidth to recruit and retain the talent needed by their organization. We have proven solutions for the challenges you face today.

Our approach to HR services reflects the needs of today’s businesses and HR Professionals. We are invested in your success with our hands-on approach. Investment HR works to understand the heartbeat of your business and we not only provide the expert advice you need, we get in the trenches with you to implement solutions. Our solutions are customized to your specific needs and are meaningful to people rather than just covering all the bases.

We can provide a complete suite of services and we can step in at any point in the circle to handle what is needed at the moment.

HR Challenges Are Different Today and So Are We

The workforce is different today and the challenges facing HR professionals–from recruiting to compliance issues– are different too. We have tailored our services in a way that best serves your business and is responsive to the changes in the workplace.

Strategic and Fully Integrated HR Services

We provide fully integrated HR services with your business. Your employees will enjoy a seamless experience with the rest of your organizational structure.

Unique Fee Structure

Our fee structure supports hiring the best fit for your organization. Our attention to detail and culture fit screening provide the best hiring solution for the business and the employee.

People-Centric Solutions

Solutions are designed for specific circumstances.  Our solutions work for people so they are relevant and easily adopted by organizations.

Experienced Leadership

Our Leadership team offers more than 30 years of combined HR and business experience and a passion for growing business through your most valuable asset–your people.


Investment HR