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PEO Selection Service

Investment HR is not a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), we are a PEO Selection Service.

Joining a PEO is a difficult decision for many small to midsize companies.  According to the National Association of PEO’s (NAPEO), there are over 700 registered PEO’s in the United States.  Deciding if a PEO is right for you company is difficult, and finding the right one can be even more of a challenge.

Here are what our clients say are the Top challenges of finding a PEO:

  1. Each PEO needs so much information just to give a quote that it becomes a massive time drain, when ironically the purpose of outsourcing to a PEO is to save time.
  2. Every PEO seems to have a unique way of pricing their service, which makes comparing PEOs very difficult.  I feel like I need to be a tax expert just to determine the actual costs they are proposing.
  3. PEO’s tend to sell me what they are best at (Payroll, Health Insurance, HR Services, or Workers Comp Insurance) rather than to ask me what I need most.
  4. Everyone has a different spin on the co-employment model and cannot give me a straight answer.  I just what to know exactly how it works and why some companies choose to do it and some don’t.
  5. Finally, PEO sales reps can be very aggressive.  Once you show the slightest interest, they call and e-mail all the time trying to ‘close the deal’.  When what I really want is a business partner.

At Investment HR, we use our industry expertise to help our clients navigate the complex of HR outsourcing services.

  • We gather the information PEO’s need to provide quotes ONE TIME and then use that information for multiple quotes saving our clients time and painstaking redundancies.
  • We provide a clear and simple understanding of the PEO model including advantages and potential challenges.  We give you the facts you need to make an informed decision.
  • We conduct a comprehensive assessment of your company’s current HR solution.  This allows us to consult on IF a PEO is the right service model and if so, what PEOs match up best with those needs.   You will not waste time talking to service providers that don’t have the core competencies you require.
  • We create PEO comparison matrix showing a line by line, easy to understand comparison of your current solution/PEO to other potential services/PEOs using a uniformed and understandable pricing model.
  • No more PEO sales reps calling.  Our relationship with service providers allows us direct access to preferred pricing and service levels without the need to go through the sales department.

How much does it cost?

Our clients feel we provide a valuable service, however the cost of doing business with us can be very low.  We only require a onetime engagement deposit; this deposit is returned to you upon selection of a new vendor.  If you are committed to change and want to experience a smooth and seamless transition, then engaging with Investment HRs PEO Selection Service is right for your Company.

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