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Top 5 challenges of finding a PEO

Here are what our clients say are the Top 5 challenges of finding a PEO:

  1. Each PEO needs so much information just to give a quote that it becomes a massive time drain, when ironically the purpose of outsourcing to a PEO is to save time.
  2. Every PEO seems to have a unique way of pricing their service, which makes comparing PEOs very difficult.  I feel like I need to be a tax expert just to determine the actual costs they are proposing.
  3. PEO’s tend to sell me what they are best at (Payroll, Health Insurance, HR Services, or Workers Comp Insurance) rather than to ask me what I need most.
  4. Everyone has a different spin on the co-employment model and cannot give me a straight answer.  I just what to know exactly how it works and why some companies choose to do it and some don’t.
  5. Finally, PEO sales reps can be very aggressive.  Once you show the slightest interest, they call and e-mail all the time trying to ‘close the deal’.  When what I really want is a business partner.

What has been your experience?

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