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Help Your Employees by Understanding Learning Styles

What do you do when an otherwise competent employee keeps making mistakes or is having a hard time remembering a new process?  Start by looking at your training process.  Remember, adult learning is a specialized field and employees must understand how the learning concept will impact them. . .”What’s in it for ME?”  And since everyone has a learning style preference, make sure you give your employee the necessary tools for success.  Consider the following learning style preferences and evaluate your training methods.

Auditory Learners:  Some people learn best when they HEAR the learning concept.  This sort of learner prefers to listen to instruction and may learn more quickly when they read the concepts aloud.

Visual Learners:  Visual learners enjoy reading and taking notes to solidify the concept.  These people need to SEE what they are doing.

Kinesthetic Learners:  These learners need to DO, meaning, kinesthetic learners do best when they are directly involved in the learning process and rely on what they can directly experience.

Evaluate your staff person’s preference.  Ensure your processes address each learning style.  Consider formalizing a SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for the staff person, incorporate screen shots into the training process, or provide an opportunity for the staff person to “play” with the process.  Your effort to recognize the staff person’s learning style will assuredly yield positive results.

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