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Keeping Top Talent Takes More Than a Competitive Salary

This leading Denver PR firm found a way to give employees more value without breaking the bank. This new way of thinking about benefits, along with a document that clearly defines the value, supports retaining employees and attracting new talent in their competitve industry.

From the beginning, GroundFloor Media(GFM) strategically built a staff of seasoned professionals in order to provide superior results for their clients. Retaining and continuing to attract the very best in the industry is a top priority for the agency. GFM has always diligently worked to provide benefits that reflect how valuable they feel their employees are to the success of the business. To support that effort further, they sought the advice of Investment HR to create a Total Compensation Document.

Creating the Total Compensation Document allowed them to show the true value of their benefits offering and they uncovered some new ways to offer even more to their employees.

The Total Compensation Document can play a vital role in attracting new talent and also provide a way for existing employees to see the complete value of their benefits. These were the original reasons that GFM opted to create the document, but there came some unexpected benefits with the project.

Thinking about benefits in a new way was pivotal.

With the guidance of Investment HR, GFM identified benefits they provided that set them apart from the crowd. Differentiating GFM from others in the industry was a primary goal for this project. Identifying the key differentiators also served to underscore the company culture and highlight values that are important to the leadership of the company. In addition, Investment HR was able to find ways to offer new benefits of real value without breaking the bank. Significant in a highly competitive industry.

The challenge to companies is to be able to quantify benefits, beyond the obvious. The Total Compensation Document helps employees clearly see the value of their benefits and can be influential when competing for top talent in the industry.

Laura LoveFounder

GroundFloor Media continues to grow and employ the innovative ideas and expert human resources consulting advice Investment HR provides. The unique ability to gain insight into culture for successful hiring decisions and experience in helping clients get more from their investments into their staff are just part of the value from working with Investment HR.

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