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Successful Hiring Takes Unique Insight to Company Culture

In the case of this leading Denver PR firm, the recruiting process uncovered new options for getting the right “person” for the job. Sometimes the best path takes a turn.

GroundFloor Media, a Denver-based public relations agency engaged Investment HR in finding an addition to the leadership team for the position of Vice President. GroundFloor Media (GFM), offering a broad range of associated services to their clients including strategic communications, social media strategy & engagement, digital & creative services and crisis & issues management, would need a one-of-a kind professional to fill this role.

The new VP position would work closely with the president of the company and require someone with a depth of industry experience but as important, the right fit culturally for GroundFloor Media.

When outlining a list of qualifications the candidate needed for the position, GFM ranked cultural fit as the number one criteria on their list of must-haves. Other skills, such as a clear depth of knowledge in core services and a proven ability to grow business, would round out the list of qualifications and be necessary for a successful hire.

The Talent Acquisition service was customized to the needs of the business.

Prior to bringing Investment HR into the picture, GFM had created the job description and planned to post the job with an industry specific job board as well as to friends and family. In this case, Investment HR made modifications to several phases of the Full Cycle Recruitment process to precisely fit the requirements of their client.

Investment HR created a scoring system based on the qualifications that GFM had indicated. They also screened each applicant and provided a detailed analysis with each resume that was presented for possible interviews. When the agreed upon number of potential candidates was identified, interviews with GFM were scheduled with Investment HR participating in that phase as well.

The experience and skill that Investment HR brought into the interview was immeasurable. Objectivity brought insight to how a candidate might or might not work within the organization and helped to highlight the specific value that they would bring with them.

After working through the screening, interviewing and scoring process it became apparent that it was unlikely that one person would possess the necessary depth of experience in all of the qualification originally specified for the position. With the skill and experience in interviewing candidates that Investment HR provided, GFM was able to see the missing attributes in candidates that may have not surfaced had they gone it alone. Ultimately, the decision was made to promote two existing employees and hire one new employee to provide the depth of experience necessary for success.

Investment HR gained a unique insight into our culture and through that were able to see how someone would work, or not, within our organization.

Laura LoveFounder



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