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Corporate Culture: A critical component of the hiring process

Consider your entire team.  Each team member has specific skills, specific personalities, and specific talents.  Have you ever thought, “I wish I was able to bottle up his passion, her talent, her desire, and his skill set to create the perfect employee?”  It is difficult or impossible to do so, however, you have all the knowledge needed to interview and hire the ideal candidates if you are able to identify qualities and skill sets in employees you require or desire.

Consider the following innovative approach in hiring practices:

The first thing you must do is identify your culture.  The culture of your company is the life blood pumping through your organization.  Any employee that joins the team must fit into the culture if they are to be successful.  If you promote a laid back, casual workplace that rewards innovative thinking, you must hire an employee that will blend into that environment as well as strive in your culture.  Identify your culture then ask yourself, “Will this employee grow in our culture?”

Spend time creating a hierarchy of desires.   Avoid narrowing your vision regarding desires to job duties and responsibilities.  Is this person talented at accomplishing goals?  What is more important to you, skills or talent?  Is it more important that an employee has a specific skill set, or would you prefer to work with an individual that is passionate and talented?

By identifying your preference and prioritizing the most important qualities, you begin to support your corporate culture, which in turn yields great success.

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