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Safety Policy Sample

Company Policy Series – Safety Policy Sample

The purpose of the Company Safety Policy is to define the Company’s position regarding safe work practices in order to provide a safe working environment for all employees.

The following is what a Safety Policy could look like:

“The Company has a long-standing philosophy of taking pride in its practices to ensure the safety, health and well-being of all of our employees. This program serves to outline our commitment to this philosophy and provide guidance to all employees on the standards the company expects its employees to adhere to.  It is the policy of ABC Company to provide safe working conditions for all employees, and the success of the safety program depends on the compliance of all employees.”

In addition, some other guidelines in the Policy should include:

  • Safety Procedures
  • Employee Requirements
  • OSHA Requirements (if applicable)

Not all companies require the same polices and it is recommended that polices be tailored to a company’s specific needs.  If you would like a complete version of this policy, please contact us.

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