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Drugs and Alcohol Policy Sample

Company Policy Series – Drugs and Alcohol Policy Sample

The purpose of the Drugs and Alcohol Policy is to establish and maintain a work environment that is free from the effects of drugs and alcohol, and to communicate the consequences for employees found to be in violation of the expectations listed in the policy.

The following is what a Drugs and Alcohol Policy could look like:

“In order to ensure a safe and productive work environment, ABC Company prohibits the use, sale, dispensation, manufacture, distribution or possession of drugs, controlled substances, drug paraphernalia or open containers of alcohol on Company premises or worksites.  This prohibition includes Company owned, leased, rentals or personal vehicles being used for Company business or parked on Company property.  Additionally, the Company may take disciplinary action, including termination of employment, for the illegal (under federal or state law) off-duty use, sale, dispensation, manufacture, distribution or possession of drugs and controlled substances and the illegal use or distribution of alcohol.  This policy outlines the practice and procedure designed to correct instances of identified alcohol and/or drug use in the work place.”

In addition, some other guidelines in the Policy should include:

  • Employee Drug Testing
  • Reasonable Suspicion and Random Testing
  • Inspections and Searches

Not all companies require the same polices and it is recommended that polices be tailored to a company’s specific needs.  If you would like a complete version of this policy, please contact us.

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